Packaging, Shipping & Notices

Your package includes:

  • Your order(s)
  • The instruction

I will put your order(s) in an airtight, resealable clear plastic bag. Your order will shipped in a very thick envelope with two fragile labels on it. Cardboard might be added in the envelope based on your order and/or destination. The packaging cost is $2.

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Method of Shipping & Shipping Cost:
I send your order via Canada Post regular shipping services for $3 all across Canada. Xpresspost shipping services is also available upon request.

What’s included in Xpresspost?
Xpresspost shipping service is a fast and affordable way to get your goods where they need to go. Choose Xpresspost service and automatically
get these features:

  • On-time delivery guarantee:
    • Local – next day
    • Regional – next day and 2 days
    • National – 2 days
  • Delivery confirmation and the ability to track your items online from start to finish.
  • Coverage up to $100 for loss or damage.


  • JPG, GIF, PDF, PSD & PNG picture files accepted. Please make sure image size is at least  1000*800 pixels for full sheet orders.
  • I am not responsible for Canada Post delays(severe weather/natural disasters – major snow, ice, unplowed streets, extreme heat, cold weather, tornado, hurricane, transportation delays, civil unrest or power outage) and I cannot refund your order so my suggestion is: Please order early!
  • Please note: as a universal rule, most images are protected by copyright laws around the world and permission is required to use the image as is, or to adapt it. I don’t charge you for protected pictures, so it is not my responsibility to obtain permission.
  • Please note that edible products cannot be returned once purchased.
  • Also please note that I use sugar paper instead of regular paper and food coloring instead of regular ink so the output doesn’t look like regular PHOTO PRINTING.